Nevada has more than 22,000 urgent vehicle recalls, here's how to tell if your car has one

Nevada has more than 22,000 urgent vehicle recalls, here’s how to tell if your car has one

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are more than 22,000 urgent recalls on vehicles in the state of Nevada. 

These recalls are serious according to Carfax Editor-In-Chief Patrick Olsen. 

“Do Not Drive means the automaker and the federal government is telling you your car should be parked, the automaker will send a tow truck and take it to the dealership and get it back to you,” Olsen explained.

“Park Outside are ones that are recalled, that say there is such a fire risk with your vehicle that not only should you not park in the near garage, ideally you shouldn’t park next to the garage, and if you can, park away from any structure.” 

Nationwide, there are more than 2.5 million vehicles that currently have one of these recalls. California and Texas have the most at a quarter million each.  

This month, BMW issued a “Do Not Drive” recall for 90,000 older vehicles for airbags that could explode. 

Jeep recalled 220-thousand Cherokee SUVs for a fire risk, with a “Park Outside Order.” 

Olsen said the federal government is required by law to send notification of these recalls by first-class mail. He believes some people who see them just ignore them, and others think it’s a car warranty marketing scam. There’s one other factor that Olsen said causes people to ignore the recall.  

“There’s a small but significant percentage of owners who need their car for their livelihood, who may be unwilling or unable to give up their car for the short couple of hours it might take get that car fixed for free,” Olsen explained.   

There are two things you can do right now to find out if your vehicle is one of these under recall. 

Go to the Carfax recall website. Put in your VIN or license plate and it will tell you for free if you have an unfixed recall.

The other thing you can do is download the Carfax CarCare APP. 

If you register your car, at no cost to you, it will alert you if a recall is issued. You’ll get notified years from now on if there is a recall that occurs. 

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