Tips for drivers in Las Vegas as gas prices continue to rise

Tips for drivers in Las Vegas as gas prices continue to rise

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Nevadans are paying more than $5 for a gallon of gas, which is the second-highest in the country. The average price of gas has climbed 80 cents in the last month.

AAA reported rising fuel costs from a seasonal increase and California refinery issues.

Bashiri Williams transports military equipment and RVs as the owner and operator of Blue Mountain Distribution. He spends an average of $400 a day on gas. 8 News Now spoke to him on his way from San Bernardino to Idaho.

He said he easily ran up a $200 gas bill paying $5.50 a gallon and added that Nevada isn’t far from California’s six or seven-dollar price.

“We’re at $400 now. By the time I get to Salt Lake we’ll be at $600,” Williams said the same trip last year cost him $200 less.

Dibella’s Flowers and Gifts pays to get their flowers from California.
Owner John DiBella told 8 News Now those fees might increase as gas prices do.

“Since a couple years ago, it’s gone up a couple dollars. That is a considerable amount of money for gas, and everything else has gone up with it,” DiBella said.

They deliver arrangements across the valley, and DiBella said they don’t want to increase delivery fees.

While AAA reports the average price for gas in Las Vegas is at $5.20, several gas station signs around the Las Vegas valley posted $5.50 by Wednesday evening.

AAA spokesperson John Treanor said prices go up during the summer driving and hurricane seasons but should level out in the fall.

“That seasonal dip is being held at bay because of issues with refineries in California and the price of crude oil,” Treanor explained.

There will be some relief coming when the winter blend of gas arrives toward the end of October.

Some gas-saving tips include making sure car tires are inflated properly, keeping the gas tank mostly full, and making fewer trips but longer runs.

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