Suspect arrested in Lake Las Vegas homicide

Man accused in Lake Las Vegas murder said victim sexually assaulted him: police

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man told Henderson police he shot and killed a man in the Lake Las Vegas area while confronting the victim after he sexually assaulted the suspect a few weeks before the murder, according to police documents.

On Monday, Nov. 20 at around 6:40 p.m., officers with the Henderson Police Department were called to Montelago Boulevard at Lake Las Vegas area after a witness called 911 saying a man was “acting spazzy” on an elevator.

She told police she saw the man run into the elevator as she was getting off. As she got off the elevator, she found another man lying on the floor in the middle of the hallway, with blood on his foot and leg, the report stated. The victim’s phone was on the ground near him.

Arriving officers and medical personnel found the victim, later identified as Adrian Longoria, 54, with a gunshot wound to his chest. They pronounced him deceased on the scene.

The witness told police the suspect who got on the elevator was wearing a red jogging suit and had tattoos on his face, including a cross, according to the report.

In the victim’s apartment, officers found a spent cartridge case and blood stains on the carpet and on the walls.

Surveillance video showed a man using the keypad to open the front door before getting on the elevator and going to the 4th floor, the report stated. A few minutes later, he is seen getting back on the elevator as the witness gets off. Police saw the suspect holding a handgun in the video.

On Longoria’s phone, police found a text message sent to him on Oct. 31, stating “Bossman, its Devonta, I got a new phone and I literally just got out of the county jail,” according to the report.

In a text message sent on the day of the murder, “Devonta” accused Longoria of sexually assaulting him the last time “Devonta” was at Longoria’s condominium. During the conversation, “Devonta” tells Longoria he wants to talk, and Longoria tells him when he gets off work, the report stated.

A records check showed Devonte Bowman, 25, was previously released from the Clark County Detention Center on Oct. 31. Detectives also found a Nevada Driver’s License listed under “Devonta Bowmans,” which matched Bowman’s booking photo, according to the report.

Devonte Bowman faces charges including murder. (Credit: HPD)

Police said tattoos on Bowman’s face in the photo matched the ones described by the witness.

During a search of phone records from CCDC, police found Bowman made several phone calls to a “specific individual.” When police went to the address of that individual, they found Bowman, who was carrying a gun in a backpack. Police took him into custody on Nov. 22.

Bowman told police he met Longoria when he bought a vehicle from him a couple of months earlier. The two began hanging out and Longoria told him he could get Bowman into the music industry with the connections he had, the report stated.

Bowman told police that Longoria would ask Bowman if he could “do things for sexual gratification,” and in exchange, Longoria would make payments for Bowman’s vehicle, according to the report.

Bowman told police that a few weeks prior to the murder, he and Longoria were drinking and hanging out in the jacuzzi when Bowman blacked out, the report stated. Bowman said when he woke up, he was naked on the floor and Longoria was sexually assaulting him.

According to the report, Bowman “blacked out” again and when he woke up, he got dressed and left, going to a local hospital for a Sexual Assault Nurse Examination.

Bowman told police that Longoria told him he was behind on car payments and Bowman confronted him about not helping after “what he has done for him.” Bowman then began texting Longoria, telling him he was going to report Longoria for the sexual assault and sue him, the report stated.

Longoria then asked Bowman to go to his condo to “talk about everything.” Bowman told police he brought his gun with him for protection. During the conversation, Bowman brought out his gun and told Longoria he was “going to confess to what [he] had done to him,” according to the report.

When Bowman got his phone out to record the confession, Longoria got up off the couch and started yelling at Bowman, walking towards him. Bowman then shot Longoria in the chest, and Longoria walked out the door into the hallway of the building, the report stated.

Bowman then left the building, driving to an automotive dealership, where he saw the vehicle several times, and ran to his girlfriend’s apartment, according to the report.

Bowman faces charges of open murder with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and owning or possessing a gun as a prohibited person. He is being held in the Henderson Detention Center without bail.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 28.

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