Former Las Vegas Raider Roderic Teamer accused of driving 90+ mph before DUI arrest

Former Las Vegas Raider Roderic Teamer accused of driving 90+ mph before DUI arrest

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada State Police Highway Patrol arrested former Las Vegas Raider Roderic Teamer after he allegedly drove over 90 mph while under the influence of marijuana, according to a declaration of arrest.

On Nov. 25 around 10:15 p.m., an Metro officer participating in a DUI Blitz observed a Dodge Durango driving about 91 mph in a 65 mph zone on the 215 near Jones Boulevard.

The officer pulled over the Dodge and approached the driver, who identified himself as Teamer. The officer reported smelling marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Teamer told the officer the reason why he was driving so fast was because he was trying to make curfew due to being a player on the Las Vegas Raiders, the report said.

When asked how much marijuana he smoked that night, Teamer said he smoked, “a little bit earlier,” but could not give an exact time, the report said. Teamer also said that his vehicle should not smell like marijuana because he never smoked inside it however, an NSP trooper told him the smell was coming off of his person, causing the vehicle to smell.

The report said Teamer initially refused a standardized field sobriety test however, he eventually agreed.

Before the test, the trooper noticed Teamer’s eyes were watery and bloodshot. Teamer was asked again what time he smoked, to which he could not give an exact time but did say he consumed about 1/2 a joint, according to the report.

During the SFST, Teamer swayed during the one-legged stand, lost balance during the walk and turn, and demonstrated a “fast internal clock” by guessing 30 seconds passed in a passage of 17 seconds, the arrest report said.

Teamer was arrested and taken to the Clark County Detention Center on charges of DUI and a basic speeding violation for going 21-30 mph over the posted limit, records showed.

Teamer’s arrest came just before the team’s Sunday game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a Monday news conference, Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce announced that Teamer and the organization had “parted ways.”

“The ultimate respect for [Roderic] Teamer as a person, got to know him well,” said Pierce in the news conference. “I had a lot of good conversations with him. I wish him the best, sometimes it’s wrong timing, bad timing, and this is one of those cases.”

Pierce went on to say that Teamer’s situation is one that all of the players can learn from.

Teamer was placed on injured reserve on Oct. 18. In his three years with the Raiders, Teamer played in 33 games and started five. He had 42 solo tackles, 21 assisted tackles, and two tackles for a loss in his time in Las Vegas. The Raiders safety was ejected from a Thanksgiving 2021 game after a fight broke out between him and cornerback Kelvin Joseph, then playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

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