Kolob Canyons Road reopens at Zion National Park

Kolob Canyons Road reopens at Zion National Park

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A road into Zion National Park has reopened, restoring access to northern parts of the park at Kolob Canyons.

Kolob Canyons Road has been closed for months since rangers noticed a depression in the road’s surface in March 2023. Shortly after that closure, the road started to collapse down a steep hillside. Repairs began in September.

The road takes off from the east side of Interstate 15 between St. George and Cedar City, about 155 miles from Las Vegas. The road does not connect to roads through the park’s main entrance at Springdale.

Completed paving job at Kolob Canyons Road in Zion National Park. (Photo: Dan Anderson / NPS)

The National Park Service (NPS) allowed access when safe for pedestrians and bicycles, but the road had been closed to vehicles until the Nov. 29 announcement that work has been completed. The road now allows access past the South Fork Picnic Area to the Lee Pass Trailhead and Kolob Canyons Picnic Area and Kolob View Point.

NPS worked with the Federal Highway Administration in repairing the road. The road’s base has been reinforced to a depth of eight feet using “geo-grid, structural cloth, and compacted soil,” according to an NPS news release. More than 6,000 feet of road surface was repaved, along with the installation of ditches, gutters and curbs to drain the road more efficiently.

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