Israeli troops advance near the border with the Gaza Strip on Nov. 14, 2023, amid ongoing battl ...

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The only way for Israel to make sure that killers will not cross over the border and massacre civilians again is to send troops into Gaza to subdue Hamas. Unfortunately, some civilians will perish during this military action. But there is no other way for Israel to protect itself.

All of the people in this country who are criticizing Israel for defending itself clearly do not remember how World War II ended. America dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. Tens of thousands of civilians died as a result of the bombings, but the end did justify the means. The war ended when Japan surrendered, saving an untold number of soldiers on each side. America did what was necessary to end a war.

Israel is showing restraint and should be encouraged to continue its actions, stopping Hamas but trying to limit civilian deaths. Israel has the weapons to really show Hamas how bad war can be, but it is choosing to not use them so far.

Israel shouldn’t have to face the criticism it is facing just for protecting its citizens.

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