Las Vegas man accused of shooting into ex-wife's home with 5 children inside after Thanksgiving dinner

Las Vegas man accused of shooting into ex-wife’s home with 5 children inside after Thanksgiving dinner

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man faces several charges including attempted murder after he allegedly shot into his ex-wife’s home with her five children inside after Thanksgiving dinner, according to an arrest report.

Taris Jones, 32, faces charges of attempted murder, child abuse with a deadly weapon, discharging a gun into an occupied structure, and possession of a gun by a prohibited person, records showed.

Taris Jones, 32, of Las Vegas (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

On Nov. 24 around 1 a.m., a Spotshotter detected four rounds, and about a minute later, police received a call from a woman who reported that her ex-husband shot into her home, police said.
When officers arrived, the victim told them that she invited her ex-husband, Jones, over for Thanksgiving dinner since they share two daughters.

After dinner, the children went to their rooms, and the victim and Jones sat in the living room to talk about their relationship. Jones began to blame the victim for their marriage ending and was angry that could not see his daughters more often, the report said.

The victim then told Jones that the reason why their marriage ended was because he shot her in 2021 and she no longer wanted to be married, police said.

Jones said he wanted to take their daughters for some time but the victim said no. Jones became very angry with her and she told him that he needed to leave. Jones agreed to leave and exited through the front door, according to the arrest report.

The victim then sat on her couch near a sliding glass door that led to the patio. The door was open at the time and Jones climbed onto the patio and walked back in through the sliding door, the report said.

Jones began to yell at the victim, once again blaming her for their marriage ending.
The fight woke up the victim’s sons and her oldest child told Jones that he needed to leave.

Jones once again agreed to leave and exited through the front door. As soon as he was outside, the victim shut and locked the door as well as the sliding glass door, the report said.

Her sons went back to bed and she sat down on the couch in the living room. About 2 minutes later, she heard “sounds like firecrackers” and her sliding glass door shattering. She yelled for her children to get down and she hid in the corner of her living room.

After the sounds stopped, she ran to check on her children. She noticed a hole in her television, which was directly in front of the glass door. As she walked to her eldest son’s room, she saw a large bullet hole coming through the wall of her son’s bedroom. She also found a bullet hole in her son’s window near his bed, the report said.

When she went to the next bedroom, she saw a large bullet hole in the hallway coming from the second bedroom, where her other two sons slept. She noticed another hole in the exterior window and a hole in the wall that led to the hallway, police said.

She also found bullet fragments in the hallway next to the refrigerator outside of her eldest son’s bedroom, the report said.

The victim said her daughter’s room was not shot at because Jones knew where they slept and she believed he was trying to shoot her and her sons so he could have his daughters, according to the arrest report.

During the interview with police, Jones called the victim several times. Police told the victim to answer the phone so they could listen to the conversation.

During the conversation, Jones seemed “very agitated” and told the victim that she should have let him take the girls with him and “I’ll finish the job.” During the conversation Jones also admitted to shooting at the home and acknowledged that he was going to jail and would see his daughters for a while, the report said.

On Nov. 28 Jones was taken into custody without incident. When asked if he knew why he was taken into custody, Jones said yes but did not want to give a statement.

Jones had a prior conviction in 2016 for domestic battery, records showed.

For a list of local and state resources for domestic violence and abuse victims, visit this link.

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