Las Vegas man shares attempt to attend unlicensed Kanye West rave before it's shut down

Las Vegas man shares attempt to attend unlicensed Kanye West rave before it’s shut down

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas man who tried to attend Thursday night’s Kanye West rave shut down by police in Sloan shared his experience with 8 News Now.

“Overall, it was hugely insane,” Marco 4D said. “A lot going on there.”

What started as a fun adventure for Marco 4D quickly became a nightmare.

“I see on Twitter,” he recalled. “That Kanye West just dropped this flyer.”

He was one of the hundreds who tried to attend a midnight rave Thursday night, featuring rapper ‘Ye’, or Kanye West, his 10-year-old daughter North West, and Ty Dolla $ign.

“As we’re driving up, there’s a mining facility, a cement factory,” Marco 4D recalled of the experience. “All this weird stuff. And we’re just looking at each other, like are we supposed to be here?

The late-night event was advertised for $2,000 per ticket including merchandise and was set to happen at a warehouse at 13850 Decatur Boulevard, just off the I-15 in Sloan.

“A huge crowd is starting to amass,” Marco 4D described what he saw that night. “Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people.”

Marco told 8 News Now those people waited for hours in the cold, but never made it inside.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and Clark County business license agents reportedly arrived in the area around 9:45 p.m. to disband the event.

Clark County issued the following statement to 8 News Now in regards to the events of Thursday night:

“Agents issued a Notice of Violation to the main promoter for conducting business without a license and for holding a special event without permits.”

“They’re like leave now, leave now,” Marco 4D said when police arrived. “We see cop lights and sirens and everything.”

Authorities said they dispersed 200 to 300 people waiting for the event. No arrests were made.

“It’s a real shame to see somebody I look up to on a creative level,” Marco 4D said. “Fall through in such a big way.”

Marco told 8 News Now he didn’t personally pay for a ticket, but he knows about 15 to 20 others who did. He said he had no idea whether they would get their money back.

“All of these people are left with all these pieces to pick up,” he said. “It’s just a real shame.”

While Marco was relieved to avoid any major issues, he said he’d like to see Ye come forward and acknowledge those who did.

“Make it right with the city, we love you,” he said, speaking to West. “We love your music. Let’s figure it out.”

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