NFL releases Las Vegas Strip transformation renderings for Super Bowl LVIII

NFL releases Las Vegas Strip transformation renderings for Super Bowl LVIII

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the Las Vegas Strip begins to look more like it did pre-Formula One, soon enough it will transform once again for the valley’s first Super Bowl.

The NFL, CBS and Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee revealed new renderings to Clark County Commissioners Tuesday of how Allegiant Stadium, Bellagio Hotel & Casino and other parts of the Strip will change appearance when the football giants move in starting early January.

A rendering of how the security perimeter may look outside Allegiant Stadium to drivers on I-15. (NFL)

With viewers from across 190 countries expected to tune in on Feb. 11, the daytime event is ranked the highest level of security by the Department of Homeland Security: SEAR 1. David McCain, head of security of Super Bowl LVIII, says that provokes a 300-foot perimeter around Allegiant Stadium and some proposed lane closures.

“[The ranking] gives us the wide breath of federal support. All the federal agencies offer their support, both from a cyber and physical perspective,” McCain said while addressing commissioners Tuesday.

The perimeter will take roughly a month to build, which includes the entirety of the Hacienda Bridge over I-15. Katie Keenan, NFL senior director of operations, expects at least 20,000 of the 60,000 spectators to utilize it while entering the campus on game day.

A rendering of the security perimeter around Allegiant Stadium, starting from the east entrance of the Hacienda Bridge over I-15. (NFL)

“We start on the stadium campus on January 8, and will continue sort of a progressive build as we get closer and closer to game day in preparation for that stadium campus lockdown that we do on February 3, which is all part of that SEAR 1 rating,” Keenan said, addressing the commissioners Tuesday.

The Bellagio Fountains, much like Formula One and the 2022 NFL Draft, will see platforms built over it for a week’s worth of television production. Patty Power, CBS executive vice president of operations and engineering, calls it “the center point” of thousands of hours of live television leading up to and after the game.

A rendering showing the security perimeter and hospitality activations around Allegiant Stadium. (NFL)

“CBS Entertainment will have The Talk during the week, as well as Entertainment Tonight and The Drew Barrymore Show,” Power said, listing some of the 18 shows scheduled to film across four temporary platforms.

These installs begin the first week of January. The fountains will provoke two lane closures closest to the Bellagio Fountains on Las Vegas Boulevard on Jan. 3 and Jan 4. Road closures around Allegiant Stadium will be on a rolling basis starting Jan. 8.

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