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UNLV students, activists say ‘enough is enough’ on shootings | LETTER | Letters

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While the reaction of UNLV students and activists to the recent shooting is predictable (Friday Review-Journal), I was intrigued to discover just what their ideas on a “multi-pronged approach to end gun violence” might be. Imagine my consternation upon finding there’s no mention of any ideas in your article. None.

Perhaps they realize there’s little — beyond the laws already in place — that can be done, aside from complete gun confiscation. Best of luck with that.

We have myriad laws now — waiting periods, background checks, red flags, age limitations and on and on — that work only to the strength of their weakest link, which is usually a human being. What could they be advocating for beyond those? Personal searches on every person entering campus? Metal detectors at every campus building entry?

In a free society, if a someone legally purchases a weapon, then goes off the rails at a later time, how do you “control” that? You can’t.

No one wants this. If it never happened again everyone would be ecstatic. But while saying “enough is enough” is fine and dandy, actually coming up with new and workable ideas for a free society would be better.

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