CCEA calls for removal of Clark County School District superintendent despite new teacher contract

CCEA calls for removal of Clark County School District superintendent despite new teacher contract

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Despite getting a new contract with most of its demands met, the teachers’ union isn’t popping the cork off the champagne.

The Clark County School District and Clark County Education Association announced on Wednesday a deal was reached on significant teacher pay increases after months of negotiation.

Yet, on Thursday, the CCEA announced that part of its focus is on removing Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.

“When you ask me how do people feel in our ranks, I think they’re even more determined to see new leadership at the school district level and that’s why we’re going to pursue that,” John Vellardita, CCEA’s executive director and chief negotiator, said.

The new starting pay for entry-level CCSD teachers is around $53,000.

Vellardita said it took more than 20 arbitrators before one agreed to hear the contract dispute and then forced a deal through. CCSD declared an impasse on September 12.

The negotiated contract includes nearly $750 million in teacher pay over the next two years.

The deal also has most of what CCEA demanded since day one – a 10 percent raise the first year, and an 8 percent raise the second year.

While negotiations began in March of 2023, the road to a new contract was rocky.

A district court judge issued an injunction against CCEA in September after teachers called out sick in mass, forcing several schools to close.

A few teachers were arrested at an August school board meeting, one of those teachers was Kristan Nigro.

“I was in the crosshairs at one point being hauled out of the board of trustees room in handcuffs, which I’m still going through litigation,” Nigro, a kindergarten teacher at Schorr Elementary School, said.

But she told 8 News Now she had no regrets.

“This is worth every single moment of that fight, standing outside in the hot 120-degree weather,” Nigro expressed.

Dr. Jesus Jara had previously condemned the actions of teachers.

“Bargaining and the negotiations don’t happen in the picket line. They happen at the bargaining table, and I welcome the leadership of CCEA to get to the bargaining table, so we can get this job done so our teachers can get compensated as they deserve,” Jara said on August 7.

In a statement on Wednesday, Dr. Jara said of the deal, “The school board of trustees and I are pleased that the approved contract gives our teachers the historic pay increases they deserve.”

CCSD declined to comment on what the teachers’ union had to say and instead referred 8 News Now to its statements made on Wednesday.

Vellardita of CCEA also said on Thursday he is seeking to overturn a 1969 state law that prevents public sector employees from striking. The union has already filed a lawsuit challenging the statute.

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