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Find the money for Social Security | LETTER | Letters

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I read the Dec. 17 commentary by Marc Goldwein and Chris Towner on Social Security insolvency. They say it’s unsustainable and the law says that, without action in 10 years, there will be across-the-board 23 percent cuts.

The authors state we need more labor force participation. What about the 8 million new residents who have come across the border since President Joe Biden took over? Raising the retirement age? How long does the government demand we work? Take more payroll tax? Cut benefits for the wealthy? They think of everything except where to find money.

It’s not funny that the government would cut Social Security while we give billions in foreign aid to other countries. Simple solution: Cut foreign aid a little and put it into the trust fund every year.

But, no. Better to let the elderly suffer while politicians cry wolf and play Santa Claus.

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