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Climate fearmongers fail to carry the day at conference | LETTER | Letters

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The U.N. Climate Change Conference — COP28 — was destined to hit a dead end. That’s because there were still a few people in attendance from the 200 countries who haven’t completely lost their minds by bowing prostrate to climate loons.

Fear has been the modus operandi of these climate narrative-shapers. Scaremongering has worked so well to attract followers to the climate religion that they found no reason to veer away from it. But a semblance of sanity did prevail.

So not much real progress, if any, was made at the conference, which is a very good thing. We may have been given a short little reprieve before they again make a move to end petro domination. The best they could agree on is to make an effort to move away from petro energy at no date certain. The megalomaniacal control freaks were once again thwarted — for now, at least.

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