Nevada DMV rolls out 'Star of Life' on licenses

Nevada DMV rolls out ‘Star of Life’ on licenses

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LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada drivers can now add a symbol that identifies certain medical conditions on their driver licenses, in an effort to improve safety on the roads, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles announced this month.

The “Star of Life” symbol has different codes for different conditions including vision impairment, deafness, depression, schizophrenia and food allergies, among others. The symbol, a six-pointed blue figure often seen in the medical field, is optional to have for those eligible.

The symbol can help law enforcement and first responders “recognize any medical conditions Nevadans may have that require extra consideration,” according to the Nevada DMV. It stems from a law passed by state lawmakers that gives drivers the option to have the symbol.

Eligible drivers must bring a physician’s report to have the symbol added to their license.

For more information about getting the symbol on your license, see the DMV’s website.

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