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Donald Trump made his own bed | LETTER | Letters

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In his Thursday column, Rich Lowry wrote: “It’s hard to imagine what’s more extreme than one side in our politics indicting its leading opponent, creating the real prospect of jailing him in the months prior to an election and excluding from the ballot in select states.”

We don’t need to imagine anything more extreme. It already happened when Donald Trump, as a sitting American president, tried to overthrow the U.S. government by nullifying votes for Joe Biden and stealing a second term for himself.

Mr. Lowry apparently thinks that Mr. Trump should be shielded from the 14th Amendment and from criminal prosecution for his insurrection because he is running for re-election now. No. It is our obligation as Americans to enforce the law with the same vigor as we would if Mr. Trump were not running for re-election. Mr. Trump created this mess. No one should expect that society would do nothing as a consequence.

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