Jara unclear on timeline for metal detectors at CCSD schools amid increase in gun seizures

Jara unclear on timeline for metal detectors at CCSD schools amid increase in gun seizures

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Clark County School District police continue to seize guns at an alarming rate, and it comes amid concerns from district leaders.

Just last year, CCSD’s superintendent said there would be metal detectors in place by August of 2023. But it’s been months since that deadline passed and a new one doesn’t seem to be set.

8 News Now has repeatedly asked Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara over the past several months for updates on when CCSD will get metal detectors.

Dr. Jara spoke to the media on Monday, and again, 8 News Now brought up the issue.

“We did a [request for proposal] where we are. Obviously, now what we’re looking at is a recommendation. I think it will be a school-based decision when you look at that, and some of the things that are happening that are going to be coming for next year,” Jara said.

According to CCSD’s Firearm Confiscation Report, Clark County School District Police have seized 34 guns so far this school year, 17 were on campus and 17 were off. They’ve come from 13 teens and 11 adults.

8 News Now pressed Jara on the devices.

“So would it go before the board or something like that?” reporter Joshua Peguero asked.

“Ahh not very clear on that. It won’t be at the board meeting,” Jara said.

What’s also not clear is the timetable.

Dr. Jara first made the announcement in May of last year. 

“Disneyland as well has some of those big, I would say those metal detectors. I think [CCSDPD] Chief [Mike] Blackeye and our emergency management department were looking at some of those as well…But look, we’ve caught 30, and the experts are behind me. Those are the ones we’ve caught,” Dr. Jara said on May 10, 2023, at an end-of-the-year safety press conference.

This is what Jara said in July.

“We’ll be doing an RFP on weapons detection; we’ll wait and see what happens. Once we get our results, we just don’t jump on things. We got to research and do our jobs,” Jara said on July 18, 2023.

Moreover, right before the 2023-2024 school year kicked off in August:

“The metal detectors we looked at…we’re actually calling them, it’s a weapons detection. We’re still piloting that and to research that a little bit more,” Jara said on Aug. 3.

As it stands, it isn’t known if, in fact, any weapon detection devices will be in place at CCSD schools.

CCSD sent the statement below in December regarding the guns CCSDPD confiscated this school year:

For the 2023-2024 school year, the Clark County School District Police Department is reporting all weapons confiscated on campus and off campus by CCSD Police. The additional transparency is provided to inform the public of CCSDPD’s efforts to keep community issues from reaching campuses.

As you can see from the legend on the Weapon Confiscation Report, 17 of the weapons recovered this school year were recovered off campus. That distinction is crucial to providing clarity in reporting these numbers. – Clark County School District

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