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CCSD school board accused of ‘segregating’ new members

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Business and city representatives vehemently opposed a newly passed limitation for four new Clark County School Board trustees Thursday night, accusing the board of “segregating those members.”

The regular board meeting of trustees met at Northeast Career Technical Academy to vote and discuss agenda items, but members of government and commercial entities rose to oppose an item that wasn’t allowed to be discussed by trustees due to it being on the consent agenda, instead of the regular agenda where it can be discussed.

A move that some opponents felt was done so to undermine the ability of discussion.

Paul Moradkhan, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce vice president, attended the CCSD board meeting on Jan. 25, 2024. (KLAS)

“Our intent was to add additional voices and expertise to the school board and from our local governments and community members and they want their voices heard at the school board,” said Paul Moradkhan, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Vice President. “I think from the chamber perspective we are disappointed.”

The policy amendment lists that, “A motion may only be made by a member with voting rights. A member with voting rights is defined by NRS 386.165 (2).”

CCSD Board President Evelyn Garcia Morales speaking during the Jan. 25, 2024 meeting. (KLAS)

“I am disappointed that there is general concern about our newest members having a voice,” said School Board President Evelyn Garcia Morales. “They have already contributed positively to our board, and they are going to continue to contribute positively to our board.”

Morales denied Trustee Linda Cavazos a motion to move the item from the consent agenda leading to it passing in a 5-2 vote with no discussion from members, including the four new members who now cannot afford that same motion.

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