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Immigration is great, but we still have to protect our borders | LETTER | Letters

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I believe many supporters of Donald Trump found his use of the term “poisoning the blood” to be unfortunate when he was discussing what is happening at the southern border. However, James Geffert’s recent letter describing the plight of the brave refugee family making their way to the American dream is pure fantasy and describes a condition that has little similarity to what is actually happening at our southern border.

The border crisis is not as much about migrant families as it is about thousands of single males flowing through a porous border.

It is easy for Mr. Geffert to boast how he would gladly have those “brave refugees” as neighbors when he lives in Las Vegas, a city virtually untouched by the border crisis. Perhaps Mr. Geffert would feel differently if the doors to his business were blocked by migrant men sleeping on the sidewalk. Or he might think differently if he were a parent of a child who has had to return to remote learning because migrants are residing in every building on school property.

I believe that very few of us doubt America is a wonderful country built by immigrants. Immigrants made America the superpower that it is today. But without strict border enforcement, America will grow weaker, not stronger.

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