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Foster parents needed for thousands of Clark County children

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Expedited training offered

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County is once again offering expedited foster parent training in response to an extreme shortage of foster parents in the county.

There are about 3,400 children in the foster care system, on any given day, from toddlers to teenagers. The expedited classes will help speed up the process of finding each of the children a home.

With the expedited courses, foster parents can complete their training in a two to three-week program instead of the traditional seven-week training program. The expedited classes are designed for families who are fully committed to becoming foster parents and can’t start the process right away.

The Family Services Department is encouraging all Clark County residents to consider how they can make a difference in a child’s life.

“We’re looking for anybody that is wanting to open their home, open their heart to a child and just take some time and support and love them and give them a safe environment,” said Patrick Barkley, deputy director of family services. “Every culture, every ethnicity… there’s really no limit to who can do it.”

In addition to the expedited classes, Family Services is also offering free on-site fingerprinting and covering the costs of testing. The State of Nevada also raised the foster care reimbursement rate making it more affordable to foster children in need.

Immediately upon completion of the program, licensees will be able to welcome infants, children, teens, or sibling groups into their care. Clark County residents over the age of 21 can inquire about being a foster parent. There is a 10-year age difference requirement between the child and caregiver. 

For more information on foster care requirements or to take the first step to becoming a foster parent, visit the link here.

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