Southwest Las Vegas valley residents speak out about rise in street racing

Southwest Las Vegas valley residents speak out about rise in street racing

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Over the years, there has been an influx of street racing across the Las Vegas valley. Residents in the southwest valley are now speaking out saying that there has been non-stop commotion on the streets of their neighborhood for months.

Scott Beckwith who lives in Southern Highlands said it’s gotten so bad that he and his wife have considered moving. 

“There are cars going through block walls and I don’t want to be that one where a car comes into my living room,” Beckwith shared. “They are doing donuts, stopping and then burning their tires with lots of smoke doing everything under the sun, that you should be doing on a racetrack and not a residential street.”

Beckwith shared with 8 News Now that he would like to see some type of enforcement or speed deterrent put in place to combat this problem.

“There’s a stop sign right there that people just blow through and cars have gotten stuck through this wall,” Jeannette Barrett Phillips said.

She said after a certain time of night, her backyard becomes useless for her and her family due to the fear of someone plowing through her wall again.

“We had to replace almost 30 feet of the wall with cinderblocks that went up to my kitchen. I’ve reached out to Metro and pretty much anyone that has a voicemail,” she added.

Metro encourages the community to email them at for immediate assistance.

Metro’s Racing Apprehension and Intervention Detail made 277 arrests in 2023 and 286 reckless driving citations were given out the same year.

So far in 2024, 21 arrests have been made.

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