All 57 Super Bowl rings featured on Las Vegas Sphere

All 57 Super Bowl rings featured on Las Vegas Sphere

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Images released Friday show the newest addition to the Las Vegas skyline, Sphere, displaying all 57 NFL championship rings on its massive 580,000 square foot “Exosphere” just days before Super Bowl LVIII kicks off in the entertainment capital of the world for the first time ever.

  • Super Bowl II, 1968, Green Bay Packers
  • Super Bowl III, 1969, New York Jets
  • Super Bowl IV, 1970, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Super Bowl V, 1971, Baltimore Colts
  • Super Bowl VI, 1972, Dallas Cowboys
  • Super Bowl VII, 1973, Miami Dolphins

From the Green Bay Packers in the original Super Bowl in 1967 to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2023, every championship ring is accounted for on the huge structure. The Exosphere, which represents the largest LED screen on the planet, will feature several NFL-related elements before the league’s championship is played just a few miles away at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday.

Additional elements revealed Friday by Sphere Entertainment include a feature of Super Bowl starting quarterbacks Brock Purdy and Patrick Mahomes.

During the game, the CBS broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII will be broadcast on the Exosphere. Content on Sphere will respond in real time to the action on the field between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Additionally, officials say Sphere will be the focus of two curated moments during the game broadcast on CBS.

“In celebration of Super Bowl LVIII, Sphere Studios created custom content that will run throughout the week,” said a news release from Sphere Entertainment Co. “This includes, as part of its ongoing XO/Art program, commissions from legendary street artists to create custom art for the Exosphere that will run at various times this week.”

Sphere’s 366-foot tall, 516-foot wide visage consists of 1.2 million LED pucks, each of them eight inches apart, creating images on a massive scale visible from miles and miles away from the Las Vegas Strip.

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