Farmhouse style is the popular kitchen decorating trend of this days because of its shabby chic decorations mixed with simple and natural features. If you are looking forward to have a kitchen with farmhouse style, you no longer need to do big renovation for your kitchen, just insert into it some fun farmhouse influenced storage projects. Farmhouse design isn’t just one style. It can be warm and rustic, elegant and tasteful or ooze cheap chic panache. Farmhouse style can in addition have a distinctly Tuscan, French or American character and can even blend well with a modern professional theme.

That’s a really good idea. You’ll have more kitchen storage while you get the country house decor. You should know that no matter the size of the kitchen, storage is a concern you must be facing every day. So check out the examples below, and you will get inspired.

The kitchen is the cardiovascular of any home. Is actually the place where we not only cook but also talk, eat and hang out with friends and family. It’s the hub around which the family revolves. DIY country home accessories are an easy way to add cozy warmth to your kitchen and home. A large number of projects are extremely easy, while others require a little of woodworking skills or simple tools. You’re sure to choose your kitchen an appealing and attractive haven with only a few of these down home projects.

In the event you have large discs and platters that just don’t fit well in your cupboards or have some lovely pieces you’d probably like to display, it is for you. This kind of simple plate rack is the best way to put your chosen plates viewed, as well as offering a safe and accessible way for storing them. A great easy and attractive way to store your boule pans is to group them in a smart and classy magazine holder. Instead of for being an unattractive mess in your cabinet, you now have a desirable, eye catching focal point for your bake center.


Images Source: Pinterest