Many people really like the image of lying down in a backyard hammock and enjoying the evening breeze, but how often do we actually find ourselves in one? Maybe we all desire a soft reminder of all the great reasons to own, and enjoy, a hammock in the backyard. Previously mentioned all else a hammock is around relaxation. The right hammock is soft, comfortable, and provides a slight rocking motion that research workers have found lulls you into a deeper, better sleep than an understructure ever could.

Beds can even be relaxing, but there’s something that just feels different in regards to a hammock. And gowns the escape factor. In your bedroom you can hear your phone, the TV is on, most likely surrounded by 4 wall surfaces, a ceiling, your home loan, and the other daily stresses of normal life. But a hammock mirrors feelings of lying under palms, on a distant and distant island with nothing but requirements of gently lapping waves.

You may still be in your backyard, but your mind is half a world away, which is what makes a backyard hammock so excellent. Ever happened to run soaking wet from the lake and plopped down in bed to loosen up and dry off? Failed to think so. But you can accomplish that in a hammock. Of course, if you’re smart enough to skip the “all-weather” sturdy fabric variety, and choose instead for an open-weave artisan made model from Mexico or Nicaragua, your wet trunks will easily drip dry through the hammock, with no rainy mess to worry about or clean up later.

We’re not recommending homelessness, but a nap or maybe more a week outdoors can do miracles for your health and well-being. Studies have shown that time outdoors can reduce stress, improve your feeling, and make you a generally happier and more balanced person. And a little extra amount of time in the sunshine raises your degrees of nutritional D, which helps you avoid infectious and autoimmune diseases as well as cutting your risk of cancer. And all you need to do is lay there! Want to enjoy your hammock even more? Go tandem! Purchase a double hammock, and invite a partner to hop in. With a sizable enough hammock there’s room for 2. Just make sure they like to cuddle.


Images Source: Pinterest