Creating different vibes in each room is part of the fun of designing a home. We’re all for comfortable environments but a touch of custom lends a sense of gravitas to an area that makes a home feel complete. The most reasonable location to incorporate a more refined tone is in the dining room. But even though it’s somewhat more proper than the other areas of the house won’t mean it must be rigid. That’s why we love bohemian dining rooms. They’re relaxed yet chic, and foster an inviting atmosphere where guests want to linger.

The dining room is a space you usually set a formal or serious mood at. That is a space where you want them to exude elegance and processed touches as much as possible. This really is due to reality that a lot of socialization happens in this field of the house. It is where events take place where your friends and family have a good meal and good conversation.

Modern bohemian dining room design is so fashionable and refreshing. The grayscale white ikat stripe carpet gives a hippie, in a lather look. The brass highlights on the lanterns and chandelier and the spherical mirror with black slim frame bring clean lines and modern look while the leather chairs with metal legs and striking stitching details add a charming rustic vibe. This kind of is a perfect combo of modern and Bohemian chic look.

If you are buying a glam bohemian look in your kitchen space, this look is normally the one for you. The hotel chic furniture and decor blends correctly with unexpected touches of striking, eclectic decor that is both everyday and exciting. The brushed copper flambeau ceiling fan gives off an elegant punch with fun geometric flair. Kitchen space brings happy feelings and summery feels. The lovely touches of dazzling, cheery pastel colors that you can see on the area rug, chair and throw pillows bring a youthful, hippie feel. The pops of oriental and wood tones on this white dining space give that inviting and refreshing feel.


Images Source: Pinterest